Bellaire’s Double-Decker H-E-B Is Here; Japanese Franchise Heads to Bellaire Blvd.; Behind El Gato’s Cat Infrastructure

Photo of the Harrisburg Art Museum: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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    ““When you look at just the property tax debt, we’ve gone from, since 2012, $776 per person to $609 per person, and that’s about a 21 percent decrease,” said Harris County’s budget officer, Bill Jackson.

    THIS is what happens when you use BAD statistical analysis … very misleading. Property taxes are not charged on individuals (yet), they are charged on real property. The actual collection of property taxes on real property has only gone up by leaps and bounds over the last several years, but I am going to use this argument in my property tax hearing next month anyway. Make them pay for their incompetence.

  • More people living in multfamily properties that negotiate the heck out of their tax bill drives down the per person tax, but yeah, property values are way higher now for SFH than 6 years ago. Taxes only go down for those that pay ALOT, for those that pay the average it always becomes more burdensome.

  • I’m happier when property taxes go up.

  • @WR
    What are you going to argue? My bill should be $2436 because my family is 4 people… 4 * 609 = $2436?

  • Re: Bellaire HEB
    Central Market Re-Grand Opening did it better, way better. A public ribbon cutting ceremony with free champagne. The Bellaire “celebration” was just a private luncheon with the HEB staff and community leaders.
    River Oaks and the Uptown District > Bellaire

  • Hold on – Did Bill Jackson say that? Or did this author infer that? I personally do not have property tax debt so according to their logic I do not/did not pay property taxes?