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  • Forget this room – what about the F*&%ing elephant’s head hanging on the wall in the living room? I don’t think those have been permitted to be imported for about 40 years!

  • Sylvester… judging by the house, this person appears to be affluent/educated, I would guess it is grandfathered in… but who the hell wants to have Dumbo staring at you all day?! If I were to walk in that house, I would be staring for certain, but not in awe of the hunter, but as in ‘who the fuck does this’ to their house.


  • Those people are high out of their mind if they think they are getting that much for a place in Bellville. It’s either a hideously overpriced house or hideously overpriced acreage. Either way it’s hideous.

  • House is over 6,000SF & land is 67 acres. All those dead animals displayed do detract from, oh, everything about the place. The dictionary must have the picture of the den under ‘overkill’.

  • That acreage and size do not justify the price. Land around there goes for what, 15k per acre at most? So if you pull that out then your left with 2.5 million for a 6k sqft house? In Bellville? Yeah. I don’t think so.

  • I am no hunter, but I presume this is the room for deer processing. If so, what in the world do you do with a deli slicer when you are cutting up a deer? Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.

  • And a spear collection too.
    Clearly spears did not kill all those beasts…
    However, beneath all the Death and Hobby Lobby Doodads, it is quite the place for entertaining.
    And the horse facilities are awesome.

  • Perhaps this property should be viewed as a business rather than a residence. I don’t know what kind of cash flow should be expected from 67 acres, but that could explain the price. Comparable properties in Austin county do suggest this one to be a bit overpriced.