Beltway 8 Office Buildings Get Their Own Neighborhood; Texas’s Climate Change Blinders

buffalo bayou at I-10

Photo of Buffalo Bayou at I-10: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Wow, Richard Pfirman sounds like a real piece of garbage. How do slumlords justify that to themselves mentally?

  • @MrEction – he’s not technically a “slum lord” because he has no tenants. His properties are all vacant, just sitting there rotting – and violating nearly every city building code.

    I’m sad that the house he owns on my street is not included in the lawsuit.

  • Pfirman’s a hoarder. Instead of hoarding cats and dogs or junk, he hoards derelict houses.
    We’d all be better off if the City acknowledged that, and got the man the help he needs.

  • “Climate change”? What happened to “global warming”? Pick a little fearmongering buzz phrase and stick with it, alarmists.

  • That’s 59, not 10, from the trail that runs from Jensen to McKee.

  • @AlBore

    Global warming is the name for one aspect of the changes that are part of climate change. Ain’t Science tricky!

  • I wish that we had more scientifically literate politicians that watched out for everyone that they ‘represent’. They are mostly well off individuals anyway and climate change will most affect those without the means to move or readily adapt to the coming changes that we all face.

    I can’t wait until we can get past this whole denial phase and start working on solutions.

    I just read this today and thought that it will probably take the abandonment of a major US city before we really start moving on this problem.

  • I don’t think you understand the degree to which people like AlBore have dug their heels in the in. Miami could be 20 feet under water and AlBore will just say that the earth’s climate has changed dramatically before and humans could not have had caused it, even if they had wanted to. Oh yeh, d’ya see how cold it was this past winter?

  • Maybe I misunderstood the article but it sounded like he was renting out these houses with the expectations of the renters bringing them up to code. That to me is a slum lord.

  • You got to love climate change fanatics pretending they are scientists…

  • People need to read those articles regarding Texas’ avoiding reality. Even state agency heads and high level staff know the truth, but are forbidden from acknowledging climate change because they’re Perry’s appointees or hired by his appointees. Perry knows he and his appointees can’t tell the truth about climate change because the powers that be in the Republican Party, including big business, won’t tolerate it. Staff of these state agencies have been clamoring to do what’s right for Texas, yet are told to keep it quiet. I’ve invited deniers, who post in forums like this and in the social media, to present their data and to give neighborhood presentations. Not a single one has ever done so, because they don’t have any credentials. Funny how they get really quiet and disappear when invited to present their data denying climate change and the impact of humans.

  • Jimbo- The Earth is in a constant state of change. Expecting it to remain the same forever is the epitome of naive. Science is awesome!

  • I don’t know whether or not I am surprised that the comments here are filled to the brim with climate change denial. The science behind it is actually pretty straightforward. You realize even republican pundits are hedging there bets on this now right? I just hope that when you find yourself on the wrong side of history you at least admit to yourself where you stood today.

    I find the whole cognitive dissonance in this town about climate change to be really strange sometimes. The basic science behind it is also behind a lot of what we do in our oil refineries and chemical plants (IR monitoring of outgassing to determine reaction quality for instance.) We have a very large concentration of scientifically educated people that not only should know better, but actually DO know better, but somehow they have let their basic knowledge become politicized. If they came into work and started talking about how IR absorption was some liberal trick then they would lose their jobs.

    And for the rest of you who never cracked a chemistry book past Highschool? Stop letting Fox news and MSNBC define scientific reality. If it were up to those idiots we wouldn’t be able to get a plane in the air or push electrons down a wire.

  • This “global warming…err climate change” hysteria is all just a ploy to separate the masses from their $$ with scare tactics. There really is a sucker born every minute.

    Now back to your TV. MSBNC is back from commercials. I wouldn’t want you to miss any brainwashing.