Beneath Roseneath: A Rising Tide Trims Sales

4608 Roseneath Dr., Houston

Why has this property in Riverside Terrace been floating aimlessly on the market for almost five months? Sure, it’s being sold “as is” — and the “is” apparently doesn’t merit an interior photo. But the home has four bedrooms, contains 2,875 square feet of living space, and is apparently salvageable. Plus it sits on a 11,100-square-foot lot on a “lovely, tree-lined street” in a part of town that’s been pretty hot recently, no?


Gee, maybe it’s the standing water that’s been blocking driveways up and down Roseneath Street for days after every rain?

Nearly every time it rains, the streets are left flooded. And the past few days of showers has left behind another mess. . . .

“This is my drive right here, I can’t get out of this,” frustrated resident Paul Stiner said. For three days now, Steiner has been staring at a river. A street so flooded he can’t even move his car. He says the city has known about the problem for months.

A week ago, the city finally determined the problem: a collapsed 36-inch drain line. And it’ll take only about a month and a half to fix!

Will that solve the problem? Maybe. But this neighborhood — just south of Brays Bayou — isn’t exactly sited in the . . . uh, highest spot in the Houston landscape.

Buyer bonus: steep driveway!