Beneath the Rooftop Terrace of a Not So Hidden Tin House in Hyde Park



1800 Waugh Dr., Hyde Park, Montrose, Houston (03)An Oz-like urban vista from an (apparently railing-free) rooftop terrace (top). An artsy interior with multi-level gallery space. The pairing often indicates a Montrose-area address, as is the case with this custom 2003 contemporary with 3 levels of art-friendly living space currently devoted to an installation of frosty, over-sized life savers (above), among other works. The work-live-studio property, located near the Waugh bend in Hyde Park, rolled onto the market late last week. Price tag: $1.3 million. 


1800 Waugh Dr., Hyde Park, Montrose, Houston

Two of the 5,400-sq-ft. home’s 3 levels have a balcony facing east. Taking things from the top, there’s a third-floor open family room furnished with back-to-back seating areas:


The furnishing-defined spaces here share views through unadorned floor-to-ceiling windows:


Art switches around a bit in the listing photos. This “study” with raised hearth . . .


is off the master suite, which gets its own balcony:


As with the top level, the middle ground features gleaming, solid oak flooring. An open floor plan contains the kitchen, living room, and a dining room the listing cites as a potential  conference room. The donuts appear to be already in place for any meetings:


1800 Waugh Dr., Hyde Park, Montrose, Houston




The 2-bedroom, 3-and-a-half bathroom galvalume-wrapped home shares the ground level with a current gallery space; there’s also an elevator.


Vehicles parked in the air-conditioned 3-bay garage have gridded views of the yard. The property’s 6,250-sq.-ft. lot sits on a corner of Waugh Dr. south of W. Gray.


1800 Waugh Dr., Hyde Park, Houston

Dollars to Donuts

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  • Great view of the skyline, but for f@@ks sake get a rail! “Great view, whoops I slipped and now I’m dead”. Not crazy about decore, but that’s a matter of choice, I suppose it goes with the odd style of the house

  • The owner really likes her Edward Lee Hendricks sculptures!

  • I suspect that rooftop patio is not code. The realtor would probably be wise to pull that picture off the listing before the authorities get wind (probably too late).

  • @Robert Boyd, according to Mr. Hendricks’ website, this is listed as his “studio/residential compound”, though HCAD records indicate the property is in another person’s name.

  • Jo Lynn & Ed (he’s the sculptor who made all of those “donuts” hanging throughout the hacienda) are moving… Love the house.. The A/C bill must be a doozie … It’s a lot of maintenance though -5400 sq.ft. Views are awesome…

  • ShadyHeightster–That would explain it!

  • The insurance wouldn’t like the rail-less deck, either. Talk about a lawsuit (or death) waiting to happen.

  • Yep, that is the sculptor Ed Hendricks’ home. Love the garage!

  • I wonder if the mention of the conference room (and doughnuts!) could be a hint that this would make a great office space for a boutique type law firm?
    That could possibly be the future of many of these Montrosities.
    At least this one is genuinely a beautiful structure.

  • Named chairs: Eames, Barcelona, Adirondacks. Where’s Wassily?

  • Very nice photos of a very … odd house. I’m sorry, I just hate the corrugated metal exterior. The place looks like overhead utility trucks should come rolling out of it every morning.