Beneath the Shade in a Shady Acres Townhome

One of these Beall St. Townhomes in Shady Acres Extension — within a row built in 2002 — gets a bit of shade, On Tuesday, a midsized member of the similar but not identical housing octet popped up on the market. Price tag: $499,500. As with its neighbors, the close-to-the-street home is perched on a pier-and-beam foundation; the entry is up a few steps and behind a short iron fence off the sidewalk and gully drainage. Meanwhile, the sitting porch streetside has a back-of-house cousin (above right), each looking over a bit of grass and adjacent properties.


Open space at the front of the 2,862-sq.-ft. home gets some definition from a clutch of columns (above) between the living and dining areas . . .

as well as the hallway to the equally opened-up kitchen and family room:

Downstairs windows, whether single-, double-, or triple-width, have transom panels above them. The home faces west, with its family room on the morning-sun side:

A bilevel countertop in the kitchen (above) provides a little extra prep space off the informal dining area and its art alcove:

All 3 bedrooms are upstairs, including the master suite . . .

which extends into the triple-windowed dormer above the front porch . . .

and includes a nearby study (at right). Meanwhile, in the master bathroom, the mirror placement on doors and walls leaves no blind spots:

Only one of the 2 secondary bedrooms gets a listing photo:

There’s a half bath in addition to this second full bathroom:

Garage access is off a gated driveway shared by the townhomes, which vary slightly in size, dormer treatment, and choice of second-story accent window above the front door.  This property has a $250 quarterly maintenance fee.

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  • For half a million, that sure is a blah, boring interior.

  • Yet another property thinking its worth twice the taxed value…and ugly to boot!

  • haha columns standing around with no beams!

  • I like it how Swamplot now writes so that we can simply speed read the text in these listings.

  • Dude, for the 50th time, cut it out with the Taxed Value, Tax Assessed value has very little to do with real market value. You WANT your property to be Assessed as low as possible and Market Appraised as high as possible.

  • $500,000 but $250,000 if you buy it furnished.

  • Whew! Its a good thing that everyone that comments on these houses (including me) all live in Architectural Digest quality homes and have the mega bucks to hire high end interior designers to help them! I know that is what qualifies all of us to be the architecural/home design critics that we are! Lets organize a Swamplot Homes Tour!

  • The property is worth what ever the market will bear. So if the going rate is $499,000 then the tax assessed value makes no difference. If you think its over priced, then look around. You can not buy anything new in Shady Acres for less than $360k.