Bethel Church’s Entire Center St. Block Now Sending Mixed Use Messages

Catty-corner to the southwest of the area’s newest self-storage midrise, the block at N. Shepherd Dr. and Nett St. housing Bethel Church is now broadcasting plans for a mixed-use development from several large signs standing around on the property. A couple of readers reported the new decor from various angles late on Friday (including the one above, which includes a glimpse of finally settled, named, and opened FM Kitchen + Bar on the former Alva Graphics lot across the street). The church’s 1.48-acre block (bounded by Durham Dr. and Center St. on the other 2 sides) hit the market last summer, and looks to be getting wrapped into the Hunington development fold.

The conversion of the church property would put a mixed-use development right next to the Azure Apartments midrise currently going up right across Durham:


(Those apartments will probably be better aligned with their color-evocative name when they’re finished — they should look something like this:)

Images: Lisa L. Riley (top and bottom 3 photos); Rachel Dvoretzky (2nd photo); Fore Property Company (rendering)

N. Shepherd Conversions

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  • I often wondered what the inside of the church looked like as it has a ton of architectural intrigue, and I guess now I will never know. Still, building any housing adjacent to rail lines or urban freeways for that matter, seems like a poor investment choice. Not my money though, so build away and good luck.

  • I hope the palm trees find salvation and an appropriate afterlife.

  • I guess they didn’t pray hard enough to save their church, or Jesus was too busy appearing on burnt tortillas in rural Mexico.

  • Where will customers of Urban Bicycle Gallery do their test rides now? The church parking lot was handy for that.

  • The church is still holding services on Sunday mornings at 10:30 until mid July. Come in and enjoy the service. I am sure you will enjoy seeing the architectural details of the building.
    Our congregation is gotten so small that we just don’t have the funds to maintain the large facility. If we had more people in the congregation then it might mean we could keep up with the costs of maintaining the structure. It is a beautiful church! And yes, we did “pray” about this and we will be moving not dying out.

  • @commonsense

    You seem like a cultural Christian alt-righter. Is this true?

  • Quite the opposite. I probably would be classified as very much a liberal. I am also a true christian… not the fake variety that seem to be all around that claim to be Christian but condemn anyone who is different from themselves.