Betting on the Fifth Ward; Slowing Down Along the Seawall; A Cidery Taproom Downtown

Photo of the Fulbright Tower: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I’m sure that Cody will like the 5th ward article.

  • “Fifth Ward Going To Be the ‘Next Heights’ ”

    LOLOLOLOLOL …. that’s a good one.

  • Parra was wise to buy lots over there in the lower 5th Ward when the area was still considered junky but, “the next Heights”?…not with the designs he’s building…sorry…they look like junk yard dogs. The next lower-end Sawyer Heights maybe.

  • Absolutely MOD-nificient & gorge house in Glenbrook!!

  • WTF is a “trophy highrise,” who decided there are 8 of them, and which ones qualify? The skyline graph in the article shows 15 buildings, including some built back in the 70’s and 80’s. I’m asking cause there have been extensive redo’s of some older buildings to maintain their Class A status – is there a Class A+ or something?

  • Mr.Clean19: So funny. I haven’t been on this site in forever. Just logged in because I had a few moments to kill and I wanted to see what was happening.
    This was the second story I saw.
    And yes, this is good for me. Though I have a lot more in 3rd ward (but that area is already sort of turning the corner)
    The reason it’s obvious these areas will be improved is because they’re so close to expensive areas so if you’re looking to build something big, it’s not like you can just lock up a few acres in Montrose or Heights. But you can very close to Montrose/Heights. 5th ward is still in the loop and minutes from downtown. I’m happy with my stuff there.

  • Why does Fifth Ward have to be the “Next Heights” if it receives attention and investment? Why can’t it just be Fifth Ward? Does Fifth Ward not need and deserve a renaissance it can call its own?

  • that area around Clinton south of the 10 fwy isn’t 5th ward anymore anyway…just in the minds of people who live there and want to sound like brave hipsters…I think EaDo Heights is a fitting fakey name seeing as how it was developers and real estate people who basically created and marketed this neighborhood out of crack shacks and industrial wasteland. and it kinda sits high overlooking downtown so a heights name is real maybe.