Beyoncé’s Early Childhood Home Could Be Yours for $500K

“BEYONCE! MED CENTER! CLOSE TO EVERYTHING!” proclaims the listing for 2414 Rosedale St., the singer’s early childhood home in Riverside Terrace. Matthew and Tina Knowles bought the house in January, 1982 back when Beyoncé was just shy of 5-months old. Located 2 blocks north of Southmore Blvd. and one east of Hwy. 288, it hit the market a few weeks ago for $500,000.

Stepping through its front entrance portal puts you in the foyer, next to the staircase:


First-floor standards like the kitchen and living room lie straight ahead and to the right:

With the dining room set up back behind things:

Upstairs features a few more places to park yourself:

Or to wash up:

Or get involved in this ongoing stalemate:

Sleeping arrangements include these 2 queen-sized resting spots:

One of which has some stage presence:

As well as a spiral up to this lofty hiding spot:

So which Knowles sister got the bigger bedroom? Trick question: Solange wasn’t born yet. She debuted 5 years after Beyoncé, by which time the family had already left the brick house and would soon move into a bigger home about a mile away at 3346 Parkwood Dr., a block south of Brays Bayou.

That means one room was left open in the house on Rosedale. Nowadays, office and exercise equipment have the floor in the third bedroom:

Destiny’s Infant

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  • Not bad, but what’s up with the furniture and the riser for the bed? Imagine stepping off that thing the wrong way in the dark. Ugh.
    Much chance of being a tear-down?

  • Who puts a heavy-as-hell piano on castors straight on top of a wooden floor?

    The Staging in this house is atrocious.