Beyond All the Wood in Champions

Polishing the woodwork in this 1975 neo-Tudor in Champion Forest Champions Northwest might take a while. The property comes with a  6-pack of bedrooms, of bathrooms, and of fireplaces — as well as heaps of lumber in both structural and decorative forms, starting with the half-timbering (and other-half-bricking) out front.

A note to agents in the listing brags that the home made some sort of appearance in Architectural Digest when it was young — who wouldn’t want to see the indoor pool? It was put on the market 6 months ago, but the listing expired in mid-June. Now it’s back with a new agency but the same asking price: $1,399,000.


The foyer’s parquet flooring, paneled door, skinny trim, and rugged columns (above) anchor their side of an open floor plan. In the adjacent living area (below), floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving transitions into a steeply pitched ceiling of tray paneling. Beyond it all is a light-boosting wall of windows that looks into the enclosed outdoor recreation area — just off the adjacent golf course:

Beyond the butcher-block counter (above) of the wet bar — 1 of 3 mentioned in the listing — the kitchen (below) adds brick and tile to the interior finishes. Here, wallpaper takes the place of ceiling panels:

Another fireplace appears in the breakfast area (below), which has a section of laminate countertop to match that in the kitchen:

This formal living room also has a timber colonnade — off the front hall off the foyer:

Painted an appetite-igniting red, the dining room has only a hint of the wooden accents so generously deployed elsewhere in the 7,698-sq.-ft. home:

Paneling and decorative ceiling beams are present but less ornate in this study (which maybe counts as the sixth bedroom cited in the listing?):

Lumber also tops the slumber in the master suite, which is on the first floor and has sliding doors leading outside:

Reflections in the master bathroom’s vanity mirror show a second vanity occupying the opposite wall:

Timber in the secondary bedrooms is reserved for painted built-ins:

The brick-paved indoor-outdoors comes with a dozen skylights, and if that’s not enough wattage, there are massive chandeliers hanging from the rafters. The 2-plus-story structure accommodates a wall of picture windows facing the golf course, (yet another) wet bar, and a down-a-step swimming pool with a hint of a grotto and waterfall at its far end:

Located off a leg of the Cypress course at the Champions Golf Club, the home has a $730 annual maintenance fee. From the street, a circular driveway cuts across the front of the three-quarter-acre lot and includes a shunt to the over-sized 2-car garage:

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  • If I were a termite in this house, I’d be sporting wood. Now that’s a triple entendre!

  • Like the house I grew up in. Like it all except the red dining room.

  • So these folks are contesting their HCAD appraisal of $927k up from $830k last year.
    Now how is that going to fly with a $1.4M
    asking price?

  • @JT, market price and assessed value have nothing to do with each other, especially in upper price ranges. Most tax assessments are based on a mysterious government formula whereas sale prices are generally determined by hard appraisals.

  • My God, it looks like 1975 threw up in that house!!!!

  • This must have been what rich 1970’s Texas oilmen considered “chic” back in the day…

  • Double ouch on that red paint job in the dining room. Dark paint, dark floor, if they wanted to make that room look small they did a bang up job.

    I like the indoor pool. You can swim year round and not have to worry about the weather outside. But 6 fireplaces? In Houston?

  • The house isn’t bad. Painting some (or most) of the woodwork would go a long way to removing that 70s vibe. But I agree, the dining room is awful! Paint will help, but it looks like a cave.

  • What’s the humidity like with an indoor pool?

  • I’ve found that most pools are pretty humid inside, unless they’re empty.

  • I’m with the others here, that dining room is hard to take.

    I don’t like the color for sure and I’m not crazy about the shape. It’s just not very inviting to me.

  • When that house was built it was widely regarded as one of the most luxurious houses in Champions (not Champions Forest). The mailbox matched the house in miniature, complete with brick and wooden shingles.

  • That red room reminds me of some of the more hallucinogenic episodes of Twin Peaks (the TV show, not the breastaurant).

  • Can the swingers club that obviously owns this place no longer afford it?

  • That’s the nicest Holidome I’ve ever seen. I’d totally stay there.