Bezos Grants Houston Charities $10 Million To Fight Homelessness; New Bobby Heugel and Justin Yu Eatery in Former Southern Goods Space

Photo of Main St. at Lamar St.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • when i see schizophrenic and other seriously mentally ill people out on the streets living like stray animals it breaks my heart. there has to be a better way to help these folks. it’s not right we let ill people fall into that situation.

  • Remember when Jus’ Mac in the Heights got sued by McDonald’s for trademark infringement based on the resemblance of its name to theirs? And they were made to change their name to Jus’ Mac: A Macaroni and Cheese Eatery.
    Yeah, well Korean Fried Chicken is probably about to get sued.

  • @Niche… Why ? The Korean chicken place is named BB.Q Chicken…