Big Blue Horn To Join Orange Show’s Motley Munger St. Crew

The owners of the former Billy Blues club have donated Bob Wade’s “Smokesax” to the Orange Show. The 70-ft. Bunyanesque horn that’s composed of found objects — including a VW Bug — will be transported today from the property at 6025 Richmond where it’s been standing for 20 years across town to a warehouse at the Orange Show’s headquarters on Munger St., just south of UH and a block west of I-45. The cost of the move that’s expected to take all day? $40,000. The Orange Show says the horn’s new home hasn’t been chosen yet.

Photo: Flickr user readontheroad [license]

4 Comment

  • Will it be re-painted orange?

  • So cool! I love The Orange Show and the way the organization has grown to protect and preserve all the weird crap that Houston has and nobody knows about or appreciates.

    If they keep this up, I’ll eventually get to ditch my “Keep Houston Ugly” bumper sticker and replace it with a “Keep Houston Weird” one.

  • It’s all about the east side, all the cool kids are doing it.

  • Maybe the concrete artist who did the presidential heads can do a monstrous statue of Houstonian Arnett Cobb blowing that thing.