Big-Head Sculptor Sells Studio on Summer St.

Deborah Colton Gallery, on the Third Floor at 2500 Summer St.A reader who doesn’t sound too happy about the situation sends word that David Adickes has sold his artist-studio building at 2500 Summer St.:

Artists who lease space there have been told they need to leave in less than 6 months. Deborah Colton Gallery resides on his 3rd floor.

Yes, that’s David Adickes, sculptor of large presidential heads.

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  • I’m actually bummed about this. There’s something very therapeutic about visiting the yard and seeing all of his work on display.

  • We are artists that have our studios at this location. The intention of the restorationists that purchased the building are good. There are many artists that have been around for a long period of time that are still there and new ones like me( I have been in the building for almost a year). The building is only improving.