Big Plans Around That Rail-Riding Midtown Development Emerge

Here are a couple of new renderings from Gensler and more of the details for that pedestrian- and transit-friendly development proposed to go up beside the light rail in Midtown: The Houston Chronicle reports that RHS Interests is planning for the west side of the 3500 and 3600 blocks of Main St. a 363-unit apartment building dubbed the Lofts of Mid Main, a 773-space parking garage, and 30,000 sq. ft. of retail.

And that huge garage would be shared by the cool cats coming to and from the MATCH, the Ensemble Theater, and those other restaurants, bars, and shops there around the Ensemble/HCC station between Alabama and Holman.


RHS managing partner Bob Schultz tells the Chronicle that there are a few other ideas for the area in the hopper as well: The group is looking to build an office tower, hotel, and entertainment venues on the east side of the 3600 block of Main. Schultz explains that the group hopes to snag a lease from Trinity Church at 1015 Holman for the land at the southeast corner of Holman and Main, right next to the Ensemble Theater: That’s where the office tower would stand — though, at this point, there’s been no indication how tall.

Additionally, save that 1919 2-story brick building at 3617 Main, RHS appears to have in mind some demolition to make way for that hotel and other entertainment venues.

Renderings: Gensler

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  • Great ideas. Let’s see some cranes.

  • I hope the garage part for residents is separated from the garage part from the public. That’s what you really want, 2am drunk crowd trying to navigate a maze of cars and concrete.

  • So are they saving the 1919 House or are they demo-ing it? Confused.

  • This could be a real game changer. Yes – let’s see some cranes REAL SOON!

  • I was hoping for this area to continue developing a little differently from say, the 2600 block of Bagby and environs, but that looks like the plan.

  • anyone know if they’re doing anything with the part of Main just north of 59?

  • Yes and all this develpement has nothing to do with light rail, it would have all been built anyway….yes…keep telling yourself that, not that it will make your arguement anymore credible

  • Stir that pot, Swamplot…

    Nonewdome: U.S.VETS recently completed the expansion of their complex, but all other new construction is on the other side of Spur 527 or up closer to the Mid-Main area.

  • @Mike. You literally took the words out of my mouth. I’ll believe it when I see some ground breaking.

  • Commonsense,

    I’m sure, like every single apartment ever, that there will be dedicated resident parking vs non-resident parking. Are you bitching for the sake of bitching?

  • 15 years later something was built along the light rail track north of 59. Yes, light rail is a raging success.

  • A nice fit for Midrisetown and the idea of a hotel along the rail makes sense, although the toot-toot might disturb sleep.