Big Plans for Condensation at the Blimp Base

A division of a Houston company called PowerMax Green Technologies (which may or may not be related to this Florida company with a similar name and similar products) is hoping to set up a manufacturing plant in Hitchcock to build atmospheric water generators, or machines for extracting drinking water from humid air. Even better: Galveston County Daily News reporter Laura Elder has identified the site the company is interested in as the former Blimp Base at 7526 Blimp Base Rd., just off FM 2004 — where the Navy once developed and stored blimps for spotting German submarines in WWII, and which is now an approved Foreign Trade Zone. Officials with the Green Environmental Management have been meeting with area officials about their plans to build 2 facilities totaling 160,000 sq. ft., Elder reports.

Site photo: The Blimp Base

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  • This 1944 photo from the online collection of the University of North Texas shows how big the hanger was, and what little remains (the four huger corner posts)…

  • So is this water for the City of Galveston or are they just building a big crazy thing without a customer?

  • It’s always amazing how much water is made by the act of cooling air (window units drip their produced water like crazy).
    Odd that electricity can bascially produce water right out of the air.

  • “What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.”
    “Vaporators? Sir, my first job was programming binary loadlifters—very similar to your vaporators in most respects.”

  • I took the drain pipe for my AC condenser and diverted it into a rain barrel. I can usually collect enough water to take care of a 8×4 veggie bed. Rice Univ. is going to collect AC condensation and recycle the water.

  • Francescu, I was going to post that exact same quote. You read my mind!

  • Wow, this is cool. I had no idea the blimp base ever existed. Great photo, thanks for the link, Robert!

  • if you are going to chill massive quantities of air.. then you need to utilize this cooled air in the inlet of a gas turbine.. improves efficiency of the gas turbine which could in turn power the chillers.. wind turbines are cool, but they do not compete without subsidies from us taxpayers..

  • Which is why we should get to subsidizin’

  • I think the same can happen if you put brown cows in the mix… Fresh CHOCO milk for ALL!!!