Bill Heard Bid Heard

BILL HEARD BID HEARD The Sugar Land location of bankrupted Bill Heard Chevrolet has a new owner. And the new place is gonna be . . . a car dealership![Jean] Durdin, who owns Parkway Chevrolet in northwest metro Houston, outbid fellow Houston dealer Mac Haik for the Heard store in southwest Houston. Durdin added more than $7.7 million to Haik’s original bid to buy the store for $20 million, not including vehicle and parts inventory. Durdin also outbid two other competitors, but [turnaround consultant Fred] Caruso declined to name them.” [Automotive News, via Swamplot inbox; previously]

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  • Great,

    GM stock worth next to zero, I’m not sure it was worth the $20 million to be another dealership.

  • 27.7 million? In this auto sales climate? Amazing.

  • the price doesn’t include parts or ineventory? if i was in the auto business, especially gm with the current state of the industry, i don’t think throwing this much money at the heard location. landmark was also owned by bill heard, was that part of this sale?

  • It’s OK. Parkway is a matriarchy run by some very smart and honest women. I have recommended Parkway to a number of women friends to buy the Chevrolets they wanted, and they were all treated with respect and honesty. For what it’s worth, this will bring much better karma to the Bill Heard place. They might even want to bring in an exorcist.

  • The Durden’s may not do shady business transactions, but they do take part in the shady treatment of potential employees. Especially Mr. Alexander, their right-hand man. If you are considering employment there, better make damn sure what they are telling you, or you just may get used!

  • Have worked for Mr. Alexander for many years, if you can’t trust him you can’t trust anyone. The most honest man I have ever worked for. His word has always been solid as a rock.

  • Yeah, sure, and the checks in the mail.

  • Parkway has backed out of buying the Sugar Land dealership. Seems there are some environmental issues they don’t want to deal with. It goes back to Mac Haik now.