Bill Heard, Finally Due: Landmark Chevrolet Dealerships Shut Down

Bill Heard Chevrolet, Sugar Land, Texas

Car-shark favorites Landmark Chevrolet — on I-45 North near Gulf Bank — and Bill Heard Chevrolet — on the Southwest Freeway at 90 in Sugar Land — are both closing as part of a nationwide 13-dealership shutdown orchestrated by the pair’s parent company, Bill Heard Enterprises, which is based in Georgia. The move should make a lot of former customers very happy.

Available soon: A few more of those 9.9-acre stormwater-special feeder-road concrete lots?

Photo: Bill Heard Chevrolet

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  • Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  • Since I don’t buy cars at dealerships, it won’t affect me directly. I lease through third party leasing groups (much cheaper for brand new than dealership leasing or buying, they get all the rebates and discounts for you).

    Can anyone say massive skate park for the Landmark site?

  • I’m really saddened that these dealerships closed down, especially for the good and honest people that were working there that provided for the family. These were thriving dealerships that were top in the nation. Yes, there are people in sales that are sharks…but there salespeople that have integrity and know what it is to have great relationships. Moreover, there were people that worked in finance, service, parts, lot people, janitors, mechanics…etc. that all lost their careers that supported their families. This affects plenty of third party vendors also who again have families to support.

    This is just my take. Of course, everyone has a right to make their own opinions.

  • they deserved it, that place was a scam

  • I almost bought a camaro there. Upon my return of a test drive the salesman upped the down payment a thousand dollars.i just handed the keys back and kissed that car goodbye,he wasnt goin to sucker me.i have the camaro i wanted now and was alot cheaper.glad their gone they wont be missed. ;)

  • I hate to see them closed because they were the only ones who were carrying the GMC TopKick truck that came from the transformers movie.

  • I was very glad to see them close down. My husband and I went there looking for a vehicle in 2006. We had found one in Conroe and were comparison shopping. We found the exact same truck at Landmark. Since we were there, we thought we would see if they could match or beat the price. We had the Vin# and all the info when we were directed to speak to the Fleet manager. This guy called us liars and cursed at my husband. He said there was no such vehicle, even though the salesman at Buckelew had filled out the paperwork himself.

    I don’t like to see anyone lose a job, but this guy definitely deserved what came to him.