Blacksmith Now Serving Coffee In Former Montrose Leather Bar

The plastic hasn’t even been peeled away from the awning, but Blacksmith is open as of yesterday morning. Headed up by Greenway Coffee & Tea’s David Buehrer, the coffee shop is operating out of the popular leather bar Mary’s old building at 1022 Westheimer. A block west of Montrose Blvd., Blacksmith is Lower Westheimer’s second coffee shop to open in the last few months — Southside Espresso went in next to Uchi at the end of October.


The former Mary’s, shown in its dotage in the photo above, served as a kind of community center for Montrose’s gay residents from its opening in 1972 to its closing in 2009. Citing the Houston ARCH Project, the Houston Press‘s Katherine Shilcutt reports that about 300 memorial services, in which ashes were scattered or buried, were held here, usually on the patio and garden called the Out Back.

Buehrer is leasing the building, which dates from the early 1900s, originally built as a grocery store, from owners Bobby Heugel and Kevin Floyd, who continue their slow monopolization of the specialized gastronomic needs of Lower Westheimer; they’ve invested in the restaurant Underbelly, just across Waugh from Blacksmith, as well as alcohol dispensaries Anvil Bar & Refuge and Hay Merchant.

Blacksmith will feature local pastries and a limited breakfast and lunch menu from former Plonk chef Erin Smith. Greenway Coffee, reports the Houston Press, will maintain its underground burrow in the basement of Greenway Plaza building number 5 — that will now be run by Buehrer’s partner, Ecky Prabanto.

Photos: Allyn West (Blacksmith); Candace Garcia (Mary’s)

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  • The building was constructed in 1955. How is that early 1900’s? There was another building on the lot, which was torn down that was early 1900’s (1918?), but the structure that houses Blacksmith is not that old.

  • It won’t be the first time someone in that place will ask for something strong and black.

  • Not only were ashes scattered, but urns of
    cremains are buried in the back yard. A Houston first, fashionable coffee enjoyed in in a cemetery!

  • asking for cream with your coffee will have a whole new meaning.

  • Leather and coffee go well together.

  • “Not only were ashes scattered, but urns of
    cremains are buried in the back yard. A Houston first, fashionable coffee enjoyed in in a cemetery!”

    Yes, this is sad. I knew some of the guys now under the parking lot. Not really funny at all since it has only been about 25 years. Brings up some pretty raw feelings.

  • That billboard placement is awful. Westheimer looks like a low rent commercial strip just off the interstate somewhere.

  • Bring back the mural!

  • Ashes of dead people buried under the asphalt/concrete/cement parking lot. Glad I’m not Bobby Heugel /Kevin Floyd/any other business partners. The pissed off ghosts/spirits of dead men may mess with that place. I’d get a shaman/priest/rabbi/spiritualist to do a THOROUGH cleansing on the whole property. ASAP. STAT !!! I’m Just saying. #TexPat: MOST of Houston looks like a low rent district.Period.And that fricking ugly ass billboard needs to go.. The old Mary’s building &the Hay Merchant/Underbelly building were in past incarnations grocery stores. The Richmond Hall annex of the Menil Collection (which houses the amazing Dan Flavin light installation,1500 Richmond Avenue; in the 1960’s/1970’s was The Texas Opry House & in the early 1980’s was the Parade Disco-Houston(as in the infamous Parade Disco on Bourbon the French Quarter in Nawlins)was THE orignial Weingartens grocery store in Houston,built in/around 1930!! Some old buildings DO deserve to be saved.Some others get the wrecking ball & the bulldozer!!