Block 7: The Calm Before the Scene

Alison Cook likes the recently opened Block 7 Wine Company:

The new venture, located in a smartly rehabbed appliance store on Shepherd just south of the Washington strip, combines retail wine sales with a wine bar that also functions as a restaurant. There’s a short, well-edited menu that will soon be expanded but which already looks and tastes promising.

The place looks smashing: airy and crisp and cool, all gunmetal greys and silvers, with black notes for ballast, a shimmer of glassware and a few bright pops of color.

I admired the vintage store fittings salvaged from the original appliance business and repurposed as a check-out desk, as well as the reasonable by-the-bottle prices and the distinct personality of the list, which does not try to be all things to all people.

Speaking of which:

From my window table, I could see Soma, the Japanese fusion and sushi spot on Washington at Shepherd, and I trembled to think of the ravening scenesters that might soon invade my little idyll.

Photo of checkout station, Block 7 Wine Co., 720 Shepherd Dr.: Alison Cook

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  • Uhhh… maybe I missed something, but this place was clearly designed specifically for “scenesters.”

  • the place is nice and the people are nice especially if you are into “bfp” type mentality.
    anybody on bfb? i give hints.

  • So many “scensters” in that area now… Hard to believe that it was a Mexican ghetto just 10 years ago…

  • The food bloggers will be all over this. LAME.

  • I was there for opening night. I really like the setup. The owners/staff are extremely knowledgeable about wines and the food, which is definately secondary, is quite good and affordable. Nor corkage fee either, so buy a bottle and enjoy a meal. I wish them much success. I’d rather see places like this open up than those douchebag elitist night clubs that now seem on every corner of Washington.

  • It’s still the Mexican ghetto over there, albeit somewhat gentrified.

  • I agree with Jeff, nice to have a variety of food/drink establishments along Washington. I moved into the area in the early 90’s and remember the abundance of stray dogs and the occaisonal rooster crowing in the AM. Now I have a home in the Heights near N. Main.I was raised in SA and so I feel right at home. BTW, what does bfb represent?

  • Block 7 is a great place to spend time with friends. Enjoy great wine, fine food and wonderful art in a this modern setting. I really enjoy Block 7 and predict it will be the “new hot place” to meet for drinks & dinner.

  • ** The food bloggers will be all over this. LAME. **

    Maybe, maybe not. Most of them don’t seem to have deep interest in wine.

    I dropped in to the retail store this weekend, and was really impressed. They stock a decent selection of artisanal wines at reasonable prices, and seem inclined to offer wine buyers something more in the way of info than a useless card that says “Wine Spectator, 87 points!” Plus the ability to buy an artisanal wine retail and consume it on the premises with no cork fee is pretty sweet.

    This place seems to be wine first, food second. I hope they keep their wine emphasis, and really work to cultivate a wine-geek crowd as opposed to a “trendy” crowd. I foresee spending time and money there in the near future.