Blue Fish Gets a Smooth New Parking Lot — on Washington Ave

Update, 9/15/11: Our error. 5820 Washington is now the home of The Blue Fish, a restaurant chain based in Dallas — not to be confused (as we did) with Blue Fish House, a Houston-based restaurant with locations at 2241 Richmond Ave. and in Sugar Land at 2735-C Town Center Blvd. The Dallas chain also has a location in Bayou Place. We’ve updated the story.

This new parking lot across Knox St. from Benjy’s on Washington recently replaced the Thomas Collection fabric store that used to sit directly on the corner of Washington Ave. Dallas’s Blue Fish chain will be opening a new location in the building behind it, at 5820 Washington Ave. Yes, this is the same building that, a few weeks ago, a Swamplot reader identified from a state license application as the future home of Washington Wine Storage. That facility’s address will be 1120 Knox St.:


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  • Cool! I so love Blue Fish House! Spicy tuna asparagus rolls please!

  • Sweet! Veggie Tempura Rolls and Spicy Old Lady closer to home.

  • You are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    Blue Fish House has NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with this establishment on Washington. BFH is owned by a Thai lady named WATCHARA NAKAPARKORN and The Blue Fish in Dallas and on Washington in Houston is owned by a Korean named JUNG SUK LEE (Cool Eaglerays, Inc.).

    You probably shouldn’t publish stuff like this without checking it out…

  • @Trialguy: You are right right right. Thank you for catching our error. Apologies to the various Blue Fish for the mixup; we’ve updated the story to correct it.

  • Yo Trialguy- this is a gossipy little ol’ info sharing blog- mistakes are made and corrected, no harm no foul.
    Need not be a turd about it.

  • ha! Must update again! check out the new look.
    trialguy has lots of information.