Blvd Place Changing Hands; PJ’s Coffee Preps for Houston Expansion


Photo of the Post Oak: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I think we all know where those mosquitoes are coming from, and it isn’t from fake Chinese global warming. #BuildThatNet

  • Residents, frustrated by exorbitant fees and stringent landfill requirements, explore low cost solutions in urban reef creation. “It ain’t much ta’look’at now, but once the ecosystem takes off it’ll’be sumptin look at” explains local resident Carl Johnson. Over the years urban reefs have been havens for unique life forms exploring the material substance of items past in what J.R. Tompson describes in his new essay: “The Trash We Throw 2.0 – How Urban Reefs Grow” Tompson opines “The splendors of urban renewal coalesce in the form of these organisms by allowing new life to form rich and vibrant ecosystems that contribute to the cultural fabric surrounding the foundations of neo-gentrification.” Asked whether or not the city plans to provide a road map for urban reef renewal, chief deputy of something Bob Tumey IV explained “Yes, we are actively looking at ways to promote these organisms which contribute immensely to the values of our sustainable urban ecosystem. We all agree at city hall that something must be done about something. We are working hard to figure out what that something is and will have something more on that once we have time to appropriately do something about it.” Long time resident Pamela Boggins moved to the area from Florida recently. “They used to always tell me when growin’ up not to feed them gators. Well it ain’t no gator so I just keep feeding it.”

  • Another pollution article. Your bias is showing again, Swamplot staff…

  • Note to Swamplot: linking to articles about pollution is a violation of Pffft’s rules of political correctness. Keep up the good work.