Bobcat Teddy May Be Headed to Jimmy’s Ice House

BOBCAT TEDDY MAY BE HEADED TO JIMMY’S ICE HOUSE A new business name has just been registered  for the White Oak Dr. address of Jimmie’s Place, which claims to have held the spot for some 75 years (though under the variant Jimmy’s for at least part of that). The actually-used-to-sell-ice ice house was sold early this year to serial redeveloper Braun Enterprises, with some sideline speculation that an up-to-code remodel of the 1940s space might prove prohibitively expensive. But city records show an electrical plan review process kicked off in March; the name Bobcat Teddy’s Ice House was registered for the spot early last week.  [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of Jimmy’s at 2803 White Oak Dr.: David Richmond/Houston Ice House

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  • True story.

    So I’m at Jimmy’s with some friends, first time there. I can’t find the pisser. Ask the bartender. She tells me to pee outside, the bathroom is shit. I ask in the parking lot? Yep she says. Everyone does it. I say no I’m ok with a crappy bathroom. She insists that I pee outside. I ask again where the bathroom is. She points to a door in the corner and laughs – as if wiping her hands of any responsibility for what happens. I open the door and yep – I can’t pee in there – it’s pretty bad. So me and my friends go outside and pee on the pavement behind the dumpster. Where we notice 10 people smoking weed around the picnic tables in the back yard. That was a fun night.