Bobcat Teddy’s New BCycle Station Is Ready To Roll

BOBCAT TEDDY’S NEW BCYCLE STATION IS READY TO ROLL The recent docking of a new BCycle station outside the former Jimmy’s turned Bobcat Teddy’s Ice House on the corner of White Oak Dr. and Threlkeld St. brings the total number of bike hubs in the system to around 60. Its installation was supported in part by a fundraiser held at the bar last month during which representatives from Texas Gold Sprint’em — an operator that hosts stationary bike races complete with emcees and accompanying AV equipment — were on hand to organize competition. Now that road-ready vehicles are on-site at the venue, they fill in a gap along White Oak Dr., where no other BCycle station currently exists. [Houston City Planning Department; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Houston City Planning Department

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  • Super! Bikes for drunk people on super busy White Oak! What could possibly go wrong?!?

  • Is there a hipster name generator somewhere that comes up with these? BirdDogSaint, EightRowFlint, Bobcat Teddys, ZephyrBishopHeart…

  • One of the owner’s grandparents had a bar called “Teddy’s”. Jimmy’s left behind a stuffed bobcat when they closed. The new owners liked it and kept it in the bar. So, the name is a salute to Jimmy’s and the owner’s family. Eight Row Flint is the name of the corn used to make bourbon.

    And there are no hipsters in the Heights. They were priced out long ago. The Heights is now full of lots of white people who work in the oil and gas industry and sit around at bars going “yeah, I was at ExxonMobil with Steve, were you at Shell when Steve was there? No, I was at Shell with Troy I think Troy was at Chevron with Steve.”

  • Wait, ‘stationary bike races’? Jesus, I am getting old, or something.

  • Bro, Troy worked at BP with Neil.

  • Why do so many people think hipsters are poor?
    Also, the poor hipsters commute to the Heights on their sweet fixies.

  • On another note, I’m glad Houston’s BCycle program has not been plagued by the outright vandalism that the Dallas system has suffered. I was up there a couple weeks ago, and a news story said there bike share program was shutting down temporarily because so many of the bikes had been either damaged or thrown in the Trinity River and were a total loss.
    And, btw, Neil left BP for Anadarko because he got a great signing bonus, and now he’s moving to The Woodlands because his wife wants them to start a family.

  • Houston’s BCycle program is dock-based, which means you always know where the bikes are going to be. It doesn’t require a smartphone to use, merely a credit card or, if you’re a paid member, a flat key fob. Dallas’s bike share is dockless, which requires a smartphone to locate the nearest bike, and leads to people leaving bikes just any old place. Cities have had the same problem with dockless scooters as well. People tend to leave them in the middle of the sidewalk.

  • Whoa whoa whoa!!! I thought Neil left BP to join Brad, Jordan and Brandon and start their own private equity company and make gagillions in the Permian?!? However, Steve is miserable and still stuck in a cubicle at Chevron downtown. Let’s all pour one out for Steve at BirdRowTeddysZephyr tonight.

  • I have always wondered whenever I am in Dallas whether the dockless bike share ever fakes out evangelicals into thinking that the rapture hit and they were left behind.

  • Thanks for the explanation GoogleMaster. I did a little google search of my own, and this story summarizes what I was referring to.