Body of VRSI Nightclub Could Be Cut Up, Reanimated as a Beer Hall by the Kirby Funeral Bar Folks

A permit was issued yesterday to knock out some walls at the former medical clinic at 820 Holman St., remodeled back in 2015 into abbreviated-French-themed nightclub VrSi. The club (shown here as it looked in its early days) seems to have stopped promoting itself right after Mardi Gras, and a new business name for the address was registered with the county clerk’s office late last month: Holman Draft Hall. That new moniker is still connected to VrSi co-owner Andy Aweida, part of the group that owns nearby Wooster’s Garden and used to own those demolished Kirby funeral parlor bars; the same folks are also behind the Heights Bier Garten, which opened last month in the former Longhorn Motor Company spot on N. Shepherd (now full of parked picnic tables):


Photos: VrSi; Heights Bier Garten

Signs of Life on Holman St.

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  • …..looks like the kind of place John Wick would go looking for Iosef

  • Ah, Wooster’s Garden, where fancily mustachioed heavily tattooed hipster bartenders labor over $14 tortured and overly sweetened libations and get upset if you don’t place your order in a secretive manner only known to insiders or question the purpose of a stick of organic ginger in your bourbon.

  • Just ask for Jeeves.

  • Houstonia wrote a blurb about this last month:

    Holman Draft Hall: Following the recent debut of dual-concepts Heights Bier Garten and Worcester’s Annex, the Kirby Group will roll out another bar project soon in Midtown. Details remain under wraps, but patrons can expect a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails on the menu.