Bora Bora Party Pad Perches on a Tiki Island Knuckle

If you squint, this house sort of puts a party face on its facade, what with the eyeball windows, nose-like roof above the landing, and unfurled tongue of stairs. The 2-story-over-garage quay-side property is on tiny Tiki Island, which, at less than 1.5 sq. miles in size, is more canal than actual land. It’s just off Galveston’s West Bay and has 91 ft. of canal frontage plus 2 boat lifts. It listed in July at $564,500. The entertainment-in-mind layout includes 2 living areas, decks at 2 levels, screened porches, and a pool with hot tub off a covered patio. Inside the 1993 home by the bay, you’ll find more than earth tones:


The front door, located on the second floor, enters an open-plan interior with tiled floors throughout. Screened porches off this combo-room face the canal — and can be closed off by hundreds of window-blind slats:

This room with a bar at one end is 39 ft. by 15 ft. and appears to be on the top level next to a sun deck:

Elsewhere on the top floor are 2 secondary bedrooms, each with a shaded-eyeball window:

The master bedroom, meanwhile, is on the 2,793-sq.-ft. home’s first level.

Now, to the screened porches. There’s one for sitting . . .

. . . and one for dining.

And off the screened porches there’s an open porch (pictured below) leading to a mid-rise sundeck (at right) over the boat launch. Beyond the porch swing, a split staircase leads to the upper deck and to the lower level patio and sideyard pool area:

This fingerlike quay hooks sharply just beyond the lot next door, giving the canal-side property on 6,795 sq. ft. some open-water views into Galveston Bay.

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  • Cute house but it needs some slipcovers for staging at that price.

  • What the hell is it about nautical decor in homes near the water that annoys the utter hell out of me. I’d never decorate in pastels and put up little fish and boat trinkets in my home near the water…so damn predictable, boring, and typical. It’s like people and tattoos. Clean skin is the only unique thing these days on people ;-)

  • Jeff,

    What’s lost on 99% of these properties is the connection to the Texas Gulf Coast.

    There are so called “interior decorators” on the Island who pitch the Cape Code South look, when they should be connecting to the Texas Navy, Galveston’s pirates, Texas’s Bays, etc. There are 1,000s of authentic themes that connect place and space.

    So do “Coastal” by all means but keep it Texan like I do.

  • Has the colors of a Mexican Restaurant inside….Can I have the name of the interior decorator???? Want to make sure I never use her/him….