Borders Liquidation Sales Begin

BORDERS LIQUIDATION SALES BEGIN Starting today: going-out-of-business sales at all Borders bookstore locations nationwide, including the 6 hereabouts: on West Alabama at Kirby, in Meyerland Plaza, in the Galleria, in The Woodlands, Webster, and at IAH. Books-A-Million is in talks with the bankrupt chain to assume the leases and inventory of as many as 30 Borders locations, but none of them are in Houston. The only possible Texas takeover on the list is in San Antonio. [Washington Post] Photo: Pedro Vit

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  • Stopped by today at the meyerland location. The deals were pathetic. 10% off fiction. Borders in general is pathetic and their pricing is the exact reason why they failed as a company. Barnes and Noble is next, can’t wait to see them fail.

  • yeah, just like Smith & Hawken and Linens & Things:
    *NO* deals for the consumer, just progressive, advertised wringing of the retailer’s profit margin.
    Today I got 3 different emails from Border’s re: the liquidation, the deals, how to retain to my reward points…
    For shame, for shame

  • I enjoyed the Borders at Alabama & Kirby…I will miss the store.

  • went to Meyerland today-10% off and felt like the a/c was off completely. It was miserable and not worth it.

  • We were at the Meyerland location about 4 weeks ago and they were having A/C problems then.

    I feel for the employees having to work there in this heat. At least the customers can walk out.

  • employee’s call the customers who dive in for the sales Vultures. Read this:

    Do what I did at my store when they announced it was liquidating in February. Immediately unplug the wi-fi router. Immediately section-off the cafe with caution tape. Immediately move all of the seating off the sales floor. This isn’t the time to lounge around, it’s the time to buy shit and get the fuck out. It’s also not the place to take your morning shit anymore, so make sure to also permanently close the restrooms to the public.

  • I got an email boasting “up to 40% off” – which is a joke. Barnes and Noble and are at least that cheap every day. When they are serious about selling and knock books down to 75% or more, then I’ll fight the parking and swing by.

  • I will remember the Border’s on Kirby and West Alabama mostly for its parking spots.

    Those were the narrowest parking spots in the history of parking lots.

    It always reminded me of the “Simpsons” episode where Bart redrew the school parking lot lines so that no one could get out of their cars.

  • Ahh, Borders, the bookstore for people who don’t like books. How do you think you can survive being 10-20% more expensive than your peer competitor (B&N) and limiting the amount of books in your bookstore to only about 50-75% of the floorspace? That Meyerland location had more CD’s and baubles than books.