Bovine and Barley Lined Up Next to Georgia’s Market on Main St. Downtown

Future Home of Bovine and Barley, 416 Main St., Downtown Houston

bovine-barley-noticeA TABC mixed-beverage notice for a new eating and drinking establishment has been posted to the storefront at 416 Main St. next to Georgia’s Market downtown, fronting the 3,600-sq.-ft. space last occupied by Mexican restaurant El Centro Comida y Copas, reports the RDA’s Allyn West. The new venture, named Bovine and Barley, appears to be connected to the owners of The Refinery, the burgers-and-whiskey joint just west of the downtown at 702 W. Dallas St.

Photos: Allyn West

Ingredients for a New Bar

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  • It would be really cool if a law firm or some kind of tech company or other business bought the old State National building and turned it into a showplace…Oh wait…Houston…nevermind.

  • It is a bit of a cursed location. Almost no parking to be found and no place for valets to work.

    As a former tenant of the State National Building, it is unlikely to ever see the light of day again. An internal flood wiped it out over two years ago. No power, no water, no electricity, no elevators. Now, with the highrise going up in the adjacent parking lot, there is zero parking available for tenants. It is nearly impossible for delivery truck driver to offload. Sad to see such a grand old building in such disrepair.

  • You couldn’t find a better photograph of Main Street?

  • I had no idea the State National building had gotten so decrepit.

  • Oh yeah keep it coming downtown!

  • Eggman is right. As an former employee of the other tenant in the building when the flood happened, that building is unlikely to ever see the light of day again. I walked that building the morning of the flood and numerous times after to get property out. It is my understanding there were some issues with insurance company payout. We were told time and time again of what was going to happen to restore the building. In fact, restoration was supposed to begin before the flood happened. Very little was ever done. Unless the building has a new owner, it is unlikely that anything ever will be done.