Bradley Ogden’s Former Diner on Heights Blvd. Now Inhabited by Starfish, Seeking Other Creatures

191 Heights Blvd., Katyville, Houston, TX 77007

191 Heights Blvd., Katyville, Houston, TX 77007Some signage for Starfish is now stuck to the side of the former location of yes-that-Bradley Bradley’s Fine Diner at 191 Heights Blvd. (next to Koehler St.), Heights-area-restaurant cartographer Brie Kelman notes. The aquatic theme, expected to extend to the menu, extends to the interior of the space as well, which Kelman says sports a large fish tank near the entrance. Cherry Pie Hospitality (which also owns Pi Pizza down at the south end of the strip center) says it’s looking for Starfish employees, now, too.

Photo: Brie Kelman (top), Chris S. (bottom)

Diner Goes Cherry Pie

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  • Zip code is 77007, street is S. Heights Blvd. Also as a side note what is the correct name for this area? I’ve seen sawyer heights, washington heights, buffalo heights (HEB’s new development), etc. Is is considered part of rice military?

  • This very tiny part of katyville is actually part of the original Houston Heights, at least according to this map from before i10 was built:

    Also have to say, terrible name and wow what a terrible logo to go with it. Restaurant or seaside pottery store?

  • Oops — thanks, ksab! We’ve corrected the zip code and the rest of the address.

  • Laughing when I drove by and saw new name… who thought it was a great idea to pick something with such negative connotation?

  • @dag I drove by here yesterday. The sign and logo actually look pretty good in person. They don’t translate well to photos, though.