Braeburn Gardens Kennel Ready To Roll Over

Leaping canines on a custom gate further boost the through-the-crate view of a property in Braeburn Gardens that has been home for 35 years to The Courtyard Kennel. The compound, once a show dog facility, sits on more than an acre. The assemblage of structures includes 800 sq. ft. of indoor-outdoor kennels and pet care facilities, dog runs, covered patios, and enough outdoor spaces and landscaping to keep 4-legged pets and their 2-legged friends amused. There’s also a 1955 house, a portion of which appears to have been a business office, and a driveway that, fittingly, doglegs across the corner lot.


The listing cites the owners’ retirement. The property’s initial asking price of $499,950 in May dropped $100,000 the following week to $349,950. Pass through the front gate into an enclosed patio (above) that leads to the 1,208-sq.-ft. house. It’s a 2-bedroom, 1-and-1/2-bath spread. Here’s some of the interior, presumably intended for humans:

The grounds, meanwhile, have more than pens, runs, and play yards. There’s also landscaping with water features.

And now, to the kennels:

The property is located south of West Bellfort Ave. and west of the West Belt. In the view below from the street of the front yard and curving driveway, the house with its carport canopy is at right and a red shed is at left, behind the trees:

Access to the shed, located outside the compound’s perimeter fence, is from Dorrance Rd.

This view is also from Dorrance Rd. The trailer is located at the back of the lot, which appears to have various fenced play yards:

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