Braun Enterprises’ Oak Forest Aztec 2-Step on 34th St.

Braun has a 2-step plan for developing the former Aztec Rental Services property on 34th St. between Oak Forest and Ella. A brochure on the developer’s website designates the portion of the site to the east as that of future residences. On the western edge of the would-be housing spot, Aztec’s former storefront — pictured above — looks toward an additional 2-acre parcel the equipment outfitter gave up.

That’s where Braun wants to plant a pair of 10,050-sq.-ft. retail buildings surrounded by a moat of parking:


A central patio bridges the 2 boxes. Behind them (as well as a portion of the planned housing next door), CenterPoint Energy’s White Oak substation — a 10-plus-acre hardware farm — backs up nearly to the West Loop.

Aztec relocated to Kempwood last year after 51 years at its Garden Oaks location

Photo of Aztec Rental Services: Jaime F.: Map and site plan: Braun Enterprises

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  • The plan with two building and a patio between them, with a nearby residential development reminds me of the Memorial Green development.