Breakfast Bar of Champions

Scratch that whole Whole Foods Market reannouncing its BLVD Place plans bit. The new Houston store the grocery company announced yesterday will be a 40,000-sq.-ft. spot in a new strip center planned for the Champions area — on a now-forested plot of land at the southeast corner of Louetta Rd. and Cutten Rd., a few blocks east of the Vintage Park shopping center. And it won’t open until 2014.

Photo: LoopNet

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  • Very exciting to see a Whole Foods coming to that area! It should be popular.

    I would consider that the Vintage area, not necessarily the Champions area, but close enough. :-)

  • I used to live in the apartments immediately next to that plot. “Compaq Center Drive” is a private road that Harris County refuses to evaluate for a stoplight because it’s a private road, which makes for nightly drag races and burnout contests, not to mention in credibly dangerous traffic when people are trying anything possible to bypass the 249/Louetta intersection. I always joked that it’ll take a major accident/fatality before they do something about it, and the influx of Prii and Buicks to the area roadways just might increase those chances.

  • I don’t think this is the right location. I work off Chasewood and 249 and the major HEB on Louetta and 249 in the Vintage fulfills all levels of the spectrum for that area.

  • It’s across the street from HEB, not right next to the HEB.

  • It’s a very sad day when a so called natural foods company would take down loads of trees and not once consider the neighbors who move to this location for privacy and peace. Nothing but road noise now in an exclusive area. Are you kidding me……I will be shouting from the roof tops. Until mature trees are placed there!!! I’ll keep calling and calling!!