Breaking Apartments News: Demolition Begins at Wilshire Village

BREAKING APARTMENTS NEWS: DEMOLITION BEGINS AT WILSHIRE VILLAGE A reader reports the long-anticipated demolition of the Wilshire Village apartments at the corner of Dunlavy and W. Alabama has begun: “At 7:19 AM this morning demolition started. It is one single piece of equipment.” [Swamplot inbox; previously on Swamplot]

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  • I just returned from the site…and it looks like they are just breaking up the surface concrete. The contractors on the site are installing plumbing/water lines…and are not with the demolition company. With the permission of the contractors on the site, someone with me was able to look into one of the apartments and there is beautiful oak flooring still inside the apartments waiting to be reclaimed!

    Lynn Edmundson, Executive Director
    Historic Houston

  • ^Lynn, is there any chance that the flooring (among TONS of other items there) will be up for salvage/the owner will get his head out of his *ss? Or is it still a lost cause?

  • “Breaking Apartments” — very funny!