Breaking Down Harvey Aid Spending; The Fix for Crash-Prone Bridges; Spring Branch’s New ‘Boozenasium’

Photo of Midtown Park: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Raise the bridges and they will eventually raise the height of the trucks. We need a NATIONAL limit on vehicle heights.

  • Re: Abbott
    No, we are not ready.

  • Re: bridges – cheaper and easier solution would just be to ban 18-wheelers inside the loop, except for local deliveries.

  • What kind of fine does a truck driver/company have to pay for running into a bridge and damaging public property?

  • Re: Abbott
    Why do people living only 2 states away have rights that I don’t have as a Texan? Isn’t Texas a great place to live and all? I should have the same rights as other people living in America..

  • WR: Why put a limit on truck heights? How about they know/understand the bridge heights and route accordingly.

    TMR: You don’t need to ban trucks from inside the loop. The bridge heights will sufficiently accomplish that goal if they can’t get around.
    As self driving or AI assisted driving becomes more then norm, trucks running into bridges will become extremely uncommon. My car already reads the speed limit signs and if they’re reduced for construction it’ll let me know and slow down (and 95% of the driving I let my car do anyway)

  • Unfortunately, Abbot is just another example of our trend towards government by assertion. It sure would be nice if he would be able to provide specific example of what has been done so that we are supposedly prepared for the ‘Next Harvey’. As a practical matter, I don’t think there is any way that a populated coastal area can be prepared for that.

    Further, the notion that whatever unspecified steps of preparation for the ‘Next Harvey’ have been completed within less than a year is laughable. Hell, the cleanup isn’t even complete. Don’t get me started on Puerto Rico.