Brew Low, Sell High

BREW LOW, SELL HIGH A Woodlands entrepreneur plans to open one of those beer bars where the prices fluctuate like a stabilized stock market — near Hubbell & Hudson at 24 Waterway Square next month. Owner Steve Jackson got the idea after he visited the Berliner Republik bar in Germany about a decade ago. But his description makes it sound like prices at his new establishment, which he’s calling The Exchange, will only be adjusted every 20 minutes: “We’ll have monitors and a ticker throughout the bar with a countdown clock,” he tells the HBJ‘s Allison Wollam. “Our patrons will have to decide if they want to buy the beer before the 20-minute mark, or take a chance to see if the price will go up or down.” If all goes well, Jackson says, he’s going to want to open five additional locations elsewhere in the Houston area. [Houston Business Journal] Photo of pricing screen at Die Berliner Republik: Beatrice Obwocha

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  • Sounds gimmicky. Most of the time you have to check your bar tab for padded drinks around here anyways…this will only make it harder with a variety of prices. No thanks, I’ll take a nice spot that has a constant happy hour price.

  • sounds like it could be good fun, but it just seems to really make the concept work you’d need some heavy customer traffic passing through. otherwise i doubt prices will move enough to discourage persons from buying whatever they intended and thus alienating them from the concept. past that it seems the owners would have to force the price changes and i don’t think the common houston drinker would appreciate such playfulness in prices when they just want get buzzed.

    anyhow, good luck and i’m all for new ideas. i could imagine hat this could allow you the oppurtunity to better control your stock and eventry to game whatever type of customers are in the majority at the time.

  • Awesome, just buy the cheapest beer everytime haha

  • …or just leave when the beer you like to drink goes up in price

  • Just wait until I corner the market on Shiner, you’ll all be at my mercy. Muahahaha!

  • most traders also know what due diligence is. as in the TABC roadblocks to 20-minute price changes will pretty much ensure this gimmick never sees the light of day.

  • Sounds like a terrible idea.

  • Sounds like a great idea the first two times you go, then the gimmick wears thin. Maybe they can attract all those old Enron traders who got off on that stuff.

  • Gin’s gotta go CHEAP.

  • This would be more fun if it was like the commodities pit in “Trading Places” with people yelling,”Buy!”or “Sell!” Gotta go steal the hops forecast report from Mr. Beeks.

  • No thanks. I go to bars to relax, not to feel like I’m still at work.