Brick Home Turned Office on N. Main in the Near Northside Tries Again, for $249K



Looking a bit like a bricked-up, tricked out Americanized Florentine chapel, a solidly built property facing N. Main St. east of I-45 could swing either way. The property would work as a home or office, the listing suggests. (The second level could be a separate unit.) In a relisting this week after a 9-month break from the market, the undecided property knocked more than $100K off its previous ask, bringing the price tag to $249K. Back in May 2014, the sellers wanted $355K. But even that price was a second whittle for the property. It had first hit the market in June 2012 at $485K, but several adjustments had brought the price down to $385K before the listing expired 6 months later. In other words, the property is available now for just over half of the previous offering’s peak price.



A nook-sized entry (above) leads into the main room at the front of the 2,464-sq. ft. floor plan. (HCAD clocks the size at 1,806 sq. ft., but also indicates a 1995 renovation.)


If the front room’s an office, the space accommodates a desk and waiting area. If it’s a combo living-dining room, the front “room” where the wall juts a bit has a slightly elevated firebox hanging below some eye-like artsy outcroppings:


There’s a kitchen nearby, and it appears to have a service window to an informal dining area located beyond the countertop in the left side of the photo below:


A hallway with tile flooring leads to an assortment of rooms, including the master bedroom, which is downstairs. (As a home, the floor plan claims 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.)




Stairs rise without fanfare (or a separate railing):



Blocked for the moment, a sliding door opens to a balcony looking west over the back lot:




The parking area’s gravel comes all the way up to the building:


At the back of the home, the blocked up balcony has sturdy support:


A metal utility shed sits between the home and the street running behind the property.


Houston Metro’s Red Line banks east just south of the property, which is located a bit north of the station at Quitman.


On the Line

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  • Inside the loop. Just north of downtown. 6k+ SF lot. Already “built out” (somewhat) as office. It seems this would appeal to a lot of people.
    But lol at this line Mr. Agent: “this stud has no restrictions”. haha, good to know… Good to know…