Brownout in Fleetwood Home Near Energy Corridor

Decorative panels mimic and emphasize the vertical orientation of windows on the front of this 1977 Fleetwood home just past the Energy Corridor. Around back, though, it’s all windows overlooking the pool. Behind the property, a shared alley provides access to the home’s 2-car garage as well as the garages of similarly pooled-up homes on the street. The alley also ups the distance between the back fence and the homes beyond it.

Last week, this corner-lot property resurfaced when a new agency relisted it at an even $312,000. The initial asking price back in February 2011 had tested the waters at an unusual $343,343, with a dive 2 months later to $328,328 — before throwing in the towel in October.


As with the exterior trim, interior finishes are big on the brown-against-white combo. Entryway tiles, millwork, and laminate wood floors downstairs add a few other earthy hues to the spectrum, from amber to burnt umber:

There’s a breakfast room off the kitchen, which has a brick alcove holding an electric stove top. The double oven is also electric:

The 3,296-sq.-ft. home has 3 full baths and a half-bath. The 20-ft.-by-20-ft. master suite is on the first floor and opens to the yard. Three additional bedrooms — each one 13 ft. by 12 ft. — are upstairs.

The neighborhood, east of Hwy. 6 and just south of Memorial Dr., is near Terry Hershey Park and bike trail. The community has a $450 annual maintenance fee.

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  • What a period piece with all those earth tones, and disco fever wallpaper in the bathroom. Fifty gallons of colored paint would spruce it up inside.

  • If they were trying to ‘stage’ some of those rooms, they’re doing it wrong. They should have just left them empty.
    That bed looks lost by itself in that huge bedroom. And that little dining room table in an otherwise large dining room looks out of place.

  • I would paint the walls beige, but leave the ceilings and all the trim white. Seriously. That’s how my house is, and it’s neutral without being boring or too stark. Other than too much interior white, I love this house.

  • That’s a gorgeous house — some houses are just gorgeous, no matter what year they are built in. That brick arch niche in the kitchen is cool.

  • I have that IKEA card table set with the red table cloth draped over it. The set is awesome, but that use of it is hysterical. They should have just left it empty.