Buc-ee’s Has Opened Its First Branch Outside of Texas, and More Are To Come

BUC-EE’S HAS OPENED ITS FIRST BRANCH OUTSIDE OF TEXAS, AND MORE ARE TO COME Buc-ee’s opened its fourth location along I-10 yesterday morning at 6 a.m. . . . in Robertsdale, Alabama. With 124 gas pumps, the new 50,000-sq.-ft. store, writes the Chronicle’s Julian Gill, “is almost identical to the one that recently opened in Katy,” except it doesn’t have a car wash. Next up: another out-of-state Buc-ee’s in Daytona Beach, Florida according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, whose reporter Clayton Park notes that it too will have a 120-pump setup. “Plans also show a 125-foot-tall sign pole for Buc-ee’s,” he adds, “featuring the head of a cartoon beaver above the word ‘Daytona.’” [Houston Chronicle] Photo of Lake Jackson Buc-ee’s: Judy Baxter [license]

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  • I realize this doesn’t make sense, but It feels like Texas lost a little something this morning with this new Buc-ee’s opening in Alabama.

  • Too bad they didn’t open one in Louisiana too, but outside Mobile, AL is a great spot too. One less nasty truck stop bathroom on my way to vacation in Florida.

  • this location was picked because of the better economy in the Mobile area vs Mississippi and Louisiana. Thyssen Krup and Airbus both have factories near here. also because its located at a spot where there is a lot of traffic heading to the beach. Buc-ees will probably do really well selling beach specific items to road trippers.

    they are also developing one in Daytona Fl so you can begin to see their strategy on growing outside of Texas.

  • This expansion makes sense, because as anyone who has ever been to Florida know, Texas’ beaches s*ck

  • Knowing there’s a Buc-ee’s in Alabama might make me want to visit.

  • Fuel taxes go up $0.15/gal 5 miles east of this site.

  • If Buc-ee’s becomes a national chain maybe Exxon can sue them for patent infringement because, you know, they have a sign with a light and some letters.

  • er, I meant trademark