Buc-ee’s One Step Closer to Opening in Katy; A 60-Day Rain Record for Houston


Photo of San Luis Pass: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Anyone else find it hard to believe the average 1-bd in Houston is $1400? I’d imagine the average luxury complex 1-bd is just above that, but luxury units are a fraction of the rental market. Can find nice 2-bds at multi-family units all across montrose for that price.
    I already commented on it, but loving the sales report. Great volume, increasing inventory and pricing flat/declining. Now trending downwards to a more sustainable market with a bit lower to go, but just you know, a shame we had to lose a 100k jobs to get to this point.

  • So Abodo says an average one-bedroom apartment rents for $1398. But another CultureMap piece this month quotes a RentCafe figure of $1036 for the average cost of an apartment. My conclusion is that undesirable parts of town must be full of two- and three- bedroom apartments?

  • I think the most interesting article missing from today’s Headlines is the one where the lady got robbed for the 5th time in 2 years in 3d Ward while remodeling homes. I guess that’s the whole anti-gentrification movement “the community” was talking about.

  • Give it a break CS, there’s hundreds, if not thousands, of people that have had their cars broken into multiple times in the past 2 years in the inner loop. And I’m talking about montrose, midtown, heights, etc where nearly every black person walking through the neighborhood is being watched on Nextdoor. The cops will say the same thing everytime, “why did you leave something visible in your car?”
    I hope she’s learned she needs to carry a gun and keep a finger on the trigger before attempting this stunt again.

  • Interesting, @Joel, I don’t remember any of our employees or Subs having their cars broken into at all in Memorial, RO, Woodlands, West U, Bellaire, even Rice Military. Not even once.

  • Skanska Capitol Diction … If making a city-square-sized hole to pour the foundation does not involve “breaking ground”, what does? Going skywards apparently. It’s all Swedish to me.

  • Yea, Joel, you’re right – let’s blame the victim and not the scumbags in this area that can’t get a job so prey on the weak. Gentrify and price them out – sooner rather than later.

  • @CS, I would certainly hope so. All those folks in those Tony neighborhoods you just listed probably spend more on private security and constable patrols annually than what this poor girl has had stolen from her in the past 2 years.
    I live across the street from RO and our neighborhood has had multiple thefts & burglaries in the past couple weeks. Turns out gentrification brings a lot of crime with it since everyone knows these folks buy nice things and both family members work during the day to afford it all.

  • @Gary, take a deep breath my friend and read harder. Now please tell me where I blamed the victim besides acknowledging that next time she should have proper protection before confronting suspects.
    So you agree with CS that because a car theft happens in an area with poverty that it’s an “anti-gentrification movement”? What does that make a car theft in a gentrified area?