Buc-ee’s Putting Itself Above Baytown

Here come more billboard double entendres: The Baytown Sun reports that Buc-ee’s is building a big ’un on the I-10 feeder and John Martin Rd. later this year. And, apparently, the proposed 60,000-sq.-ft. convenience store, gas station, and jerky trafficker will get top billing: Part of the deal — a Chapter 380 Agreement — involves a waived height restriction for the store’s beaver beacon, so Buc-ee’s can raise one 100 ft. into the air. In return, Baytown will get a bit of room to put its own name up there too. (This will be the first time, the Sun reports, that Buc-ee’s will share its sign.) The store’s planned for about 18 acres on the southwest corner of John Martin Rd. and I-10 near the San Jacinto Mall. The Sun reports that it’s expected to open in 2014.

Photo of Lake Jackson Buc-ee’s: Judy Baxter [license]

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  • Some people will do anything to get under the beaver.

  • The economic windfall from the WalMart Distribution Center just keeps on producing.
    I predict a new IHOP, Chase bank and maybe a new Northern Tools location over there within the next few years.

  • Finally, a Buc-Ee’s for when you’re headed to/from New Orleans. Though they should really put it closer to the Sabine.

  • And a Burlington Coat Factory store. Prosperity comes to Baytown.

  • Already is a IHOP.. Also a new theater and another Wal-Mart in the same area.

  • Oh goody–this fits Baytown to a T–Petrochemical Plants, swampy marsh produce a mutant Beaver that likes to wear Redneck headgear

  • Jerky on the way to LSU football games, Hell Yes. Wish it was a litte further away from Houston so I could get my pee level up.

  • You might be a redneck if…a new gas station in town gets you really excited.

  • I’ve lived in Baytown and Houston my entire life. People love to hate on Baytown. But if the hard working people didn’t do what they did out there in the refineries…your ass wouldn’t have gasoline or fuel to heat your homes. So be thankful that some are willing to work hard, redneck or not. I am not a redneck, but thank God I’m not a pretentious snob.

  • No need for racial slurs, Anse.

  • lol…when my hometown finally got a Buc-ee’s, it got a front page write-up in the local rag. What a hoot.

  • Businesses are investing in Baytown finally
    Some knows where the money is.A Super grocer
    Market and demolish San Jintao Mall would
    Keep shoppers in the City.

  • Until you experience the Buc ee’s beef jerky & bathrooms is when you’ll understand the excitement!!!

  • Baytown will be a decent shopping spot,when all the New businesses
    Have settle in.

  • I love Buc-cee’s and I look forward to landing a job after been out of work 3 years, I applied in League City 3 months ago I never got contacted. Baytown is growing too fast.

  • im oh happy thatBucee coming to Baytown. So So HAPPY

  • “Redneck” is racial? Since when?

    I’ve known plenty of rednecks, in all colors and ethnicities.

    Of course, your remark may have been sarcasm. Hard to tell.

    We do need a “sarcasm” icon here. But I’ve said that before.

    Buc-ee’s is a lot of fun when on a road trip, however only if you’re not in a hurry.

  • Buckees is the s**t it have’s sum GOOD FOOD the one in LOULLING TX is the first one me and the fam hit can’t wait