Buffalo Bayou Bridge Inserted Here

The latest pedestrian bridge to span Buffalo Bayou was craned into place this past Thursday. The 345-ft. bridge almost hooks up with the skinnier chain-linked one that spans Memorial Dr. from Jackson Jackson Hill St. on the north. The Buffalo Bayou Partnership’s master plan shows that this bridge will serve the so-called Lost Lake — a space for which is being cleared of all kinds of vegetation just west of this site. You could say that the bridge might also encourage Rosie Ruiz-inspired joggers to take a shortcut and avoid going the extra mile around the Shepherd Dr. bridge-under-a-bridge just a bit farther west.


This view looks south toward the Royalton condo tower on Allen Pkwy. The aforementioned master plan appears to call for one more pedestrian bridge to be installed — near the Police Officers’ Memorial, just west of Sawyer St.

Photos: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

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  • I saw this bridge work last week when I went home for lunch.
    Amazing to see the all of the master plan’s elements coming to fruition.
    Hard to find any faults in this, but I just wish that the terrifically modern bridge that spans memorial could be widened and the chain link portion removed. By being so skinny (and curiously unstable-feeling if you try and ride a bike on it), it effectively cuts off bike access to the park for those east of Shepard and west of Waugh.

  • The chain link fence bridge is stable. It’s effective when I run or ride my bike over it.

  • DNAguy, there is nothing unstable about pedestrian bridge over Memorial. It could be widen with no change to the underlying structure, but it is not necessary.

  • That bridge over Memorial does feel a little sketchy and could use a widening. But what about a bridge over Allen Parkway near Taft? Or at least a crosswalk.

  • Widening the bridge over Memorial would be a great idea. It gets a bit tight when you are crossing in the opposite direction of the guy with the two giant pit bulls. The chain link part will probably be a permanent feature to keep sickos from trying to throw cement blocks on cars underneath.

  • It’s actually at Jackson Hill, not Jackson.

  • Last bridge? What about the one over by the police officer memorial? Not as dramatic, but still a pedestrian bridge over the bayou.

  • Whoops! Should read the whole piece!!!

  • Man, I really screwed that one! I read “last” not “latest”…arggghhhh I need a beer.

  • Check out this other article on the bridge design. Has a ton of good pictures and shout outs to H-towns own SWA Landscape Architects. http://landscapeurbanism.com/behind-the-scenes-designing-jackson-hill-bridge-the-next-pedestrian-bridge-for-buffalo-bayou-in-houston/

  • These foot bridges are making the intercity region more livable. It is nice to see Houston making an effort.

  • @Miz Brooke Smith: You’re right. It’s Jackson Hill St. The story has been updated.