Buffalo Exchange Exchanges Locations; Old Spot Up for Possible Tailoring

2901 S. Shepherd Dr., WAMM, Houston, 77006

1618 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston, 77006The body-oriented retail strip across from the recently browned-out Alabama Theater has just swapped second-or-more-hand clothing retailer Buffalo Exchange into the spot by Kipling St. last occupied by Centre Fitness Fusion, a reader notes. (Centre Fitness took over from Orange Shoe Fitness, which itself succeeded bike shop and implicit fitness purveyor Cycle Spectrum.) Buffalo Exchange joins Epique Massage next to Darque Tan, separated only by a driveway and some parking spots from Demeris Bar-B-Q.

And what of the old Buffalo Exchange spot, recently spotted sporting a variance request notice out front?


1618 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston, 77006

1618 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston, 77006

1618 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston, 77006

The signage notes a request to allow second-story buildup to join the ground floor footprint in toeing across the Kuester St. setback line, in the name of retail. It also names Peter McCarthy — also the named agent for the land behind and next to the shopping center, where Goodnight Charlie’s and its parking lot are being built. McCarthy and his wife Bailey were investors in the restaurant that didn’t get built where the parking lot is going in; Bailey is also behind paint-slathered bedding boutique Biscuit Home down the road at 1435 Westheimer:

Biscuit Paint Wall, 1435 Westheimer Rd., Lower Westheimer, Houston, 77006

Photos: Margo (all but last), David N. (last)

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  • Sounds like the hipster stronghold on this corner is being gradually broken up.

  • Biscuit has already announced that they are moving into the Wish boutique location–they just had a big moving sale. Sounds like they are taking over the entire property at that site.