BuffBurger Will Range West to the Westheimer Food Strip Just Outside the Beltway

Ground beef chain BuffBurger is about to move into the new Citywest Retail Center 3 blocks outside Beltway 8 and just down the street from Phillips’s year-old headquarters and garage-top sports complex. So far, the strip center’s lineup includes almost exclusively food joints of the fast-casual variety, with a lone Ideal Dental office in middle of the east building. Its coming soon sign is pictured in the photo above, west of Yogurtland.

BuffBurger’s spot — its third since opening in the new Alabama Row strip across W. Alabama from the Menil in March — is in the shorter and stouter east building, where it’ll fill in corner at the far end from Panera’s already-open endcap:


3,600-sq.-ft. of space sits between the 2 restaurants.

Photos and site plan: Transwestern


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  • BuffBurger is fairly good, but the price point is a bit too high. I went to the West Alabama location for lunch a few weeks ago and it was kinda dead. I hope they stick around, but with Burger Joint around the corner and a Shake Shack coming in soon nearby, it will be difficult to justify going to BuffBurger instead.

  • When will the new Buffburger on Westheimer in Houston,Texas open?
    Thanks Rober Silberg

  • Ditto about the price point. I went to the one on W. Alabama once and I think I paid $17 for a chicken sandwich, fries, and a drink. I guess they have to pay the rent on that shiny new building.