Builders Get Go-Ahead on Colombe d’Or’s 34-Floor Backdoor Tower Set To Peek Over Hanover Montrose Next Door

Permits were approved yesterday for construction on the 285-unit apartment tower Hines and TH Real Estate plan to build behind the La Colombe d’Or mansion-turned-hotel on Montrose Blvd. The rendering at top views all 34 floors of the new building — designed by Houston architectural firm Muñoz + Albin — from above Harold St. (opposite the recently re-domed Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral). That puts it 4-stories higher than the adjacent and somewhat stockier Hanover Montrose apartments shown greyed-out on the right.

Dubbed the Residences at La Colmobe d’Or, the tower takes the place of the once-adjacent Le Grand Salon de la Comtesse ballroom erected and decked out by the hotel’s owner Steve Zimmerman. It’s shown here in the Colombe d’Or’s backyard, before crews stripped it down and demolished it in March:


Eighteen new hotel rooms planned for the tower will more than triple the number already included in the existing hotel building (not taking into account those available at the offsite Villas at the Court of Colombe, also operated by the hotel). Guests in both buildings will get access to the new amenity-deck pool, too — though they’ll have to share it with full-time residents.

Filling in the space in between the old and new structures: an outdoor art gallery, as well as a plaza that includes a fireplace. Both will go in beyond the hedges seen in the rendering below, which views the property’s south side from the Harold St. curb:

Hines also states that another outdoor green space, 14,000-sq.-ft. total, is planned on the northernmost portion of the site.

Renderings: Hines. Photo: Hanover Montrose

18 Hotel Rooms Included

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  • Wow. And I thought the humper houses in the Heights were over the top.

  • keep em coming!! We need like 15 more of these along Montrose Boulevard. Preferably with much less parking than what Ch. 26 mandates, too. This will help keep the costs down for future tenants (buyers/renters) b/c as we all know, no parking is truly free- the consumer always inherits the costs through higher prices. #SomeonesGotToPayForIt

  • I bet the tenants on the Southside of the Hanover 3400 Montrose Blvd. building will LOVE the their soon to be blocked Southern / Southwestern ” views “. And the subsequent views occupants of each building will have into the adjacent building!!

  • Man. Seeing stuff like this makes me think “wtf am I doing with my life”

  • happygolucky- who cares?

  • But, like… what’s the market for this?
    I love seeing the residential skyscrapers go up all around but notice how dark they are at night. How many towers with $2,000+/month, 1 bedrooms can Houston objectively absorb? And condos in a best case scenario barely retain their value in this city.
    Hope it’s not a London/New York situation with Chinese and Russian money laundering pricing everyone out

  • @Cody, please explain…

  • Jack: I assume the market is fine — or at least those with the $ to bet on such things believe it to be fine. If they didn’t feel the demand was there, I don’t think they’d find people willing to sign off on 10s of millions to build
    Dubya: I’d love to build/have something like this vs. what I tend to get. But along the lines of what Jack said, it’s hard to make money with class A. Class C makes $, where as class A makes ego.

  • Happygolucky,

    That’s what happens when you live in an urban city.

  • How does Hines find the time for all these projects?

    I’m sure it will be another quality project like their condemned Sola at Celebration :)

  • @Cody at least you’ve got your Tesla with autopilot

  • @Cody and yet everyone builds Class A because that is where the money is, not Class C?

  • Wow. Even more traffic for Montrose, Yoakum, and nearby streets. They were not designed to accommodate it. And what about the underground infrastructure?

  • IANALandlord, but I think what Cody is getting at is that Class A makes money for the builder, not the company that buys the building, but Class C makes money for the owner/landlord. Or maybe it’s because all of Cody’s class C buildings are older, so the deprecation is already baked in to his purchase price.

  • Class A: Hard to build new construction that’s class C :)

    dag: I do? I guess that’s all that class C money. But seriously, you can get a Tesla, esp if you don’t mind one a few years old, for about the price of a BMW/Audi/Mercedes. They’re not outrageous. And heck, you can get a model 3 for not much more than a well equipped average Toyota/Honda.

  • Bill: I think underground infrastructure is taken into consideration when issuing a building permit. I know when I bought a building that used to be a restaurant and leased it to someone running a nightclub, because the occupancy allowed was higher now than it was when it was a restaurant, we had to pay a bunch of fees due to the increase in expected waste water. We also had to upgrade some plumbing outside.

  • Fifth floor units don’t flood…

  • Anyone know if the first tower is sold out? I was about to say ‘fully occupied’, but I suspect these units are for the super wealthy to invest in, not live in.
    Any chance of a traffic increase? Will Montrose Blvd get resurfaced? Will there be even more riders on the 56 or 82?

  • @C.L. fifth floor units don’t flood??

    Apparently you’ve never heard of WaterWall Place “luxury” apartments……