Building Out the 3-Block Grid of Springwoods Village Office Buildings, Parking, and Retail South of ExxonMobil

Developer Patrinely Group is getting ready to start construction on one of the 12 mid-rise office towers it has planned for the 60-acre zone dubbed CityPlace within Springwoods Village — south of Exxon’s new-ish campus off I-45. The rendering at top shows the 5-story CityPlace 1 building — which will fit 2 retailers in its ground floor: one fronting a central green space to the east dubbed CityPlace Plaza, and another along City Plaza Dr., a road that begins at the park and heads between several of the office towers.

You can see the road cutting its way west past CityPlace 1 — at the far edge of the park — in the aerial rendering below:


Seven parking garages total will sit behind the towers. The rendering below views the alley that runs between CityPlace 1 and its neighboring 5-story garage from the east:

A retail storefront in the western side of the garage — off-camera on the left — will front Lake Plaza Dr., the road shown sporting an esplanade in the foreground.

Gensler designed both CityPlaces 1 and 2 — which face each other across City Plaza Dr. According to Patrinely, all 10 floors of the latter (now under construction) will be occupied by the American Bureau of Shipping.

The map below shows where retail spaces will be inserted into the office-building-parking-garage-grid, slipped underneath most — but not all — of the structures:

Larger tenants include a 10-story Marriott hotel planned for the building (colored purple) just south of CityPlace Plaza. Star Cinema Grill — a dine-in movie theater — also plans to head into the pink building labeled “Cinema” that fronts Springwoods Village Pkwy.

Here’s a map showing the network of adjacent corporate campuses that buffer CityPlace from the 2 major highways that run to the east and south of Springwoods Village:

Southwestern Energy moved into its 26-acre environs in 2015. The energy company’s headquarters, along with a planned HP office complex and a third, yet-unclaimed corporate site neighbor CityPlace Park, a waterfront recreation area adjacent to the planned Marriott, as well as CityPlace Plaza, and an apartment complex dubbed The Mark. South of CityPlace, 2 more business spots remain unspoken for.

Renderings and site plans: Patrinely Group

I-45 and Grand Pkwy.