Building Trivia in The Woodlands

BUILDING TRIVIA IN THE WOODLANDS Real Estate Bisnow’s Catie Dixon reports a remarkable factoid about this 6-story, 154,213-sq.-ft office building that Stream Realty started construction on in August at 1585 Sawdust Rd. in the The Woodlands: When it’s done, writes Dixon, the so-called Reserve at Sierra Pines II, which is being built with 30-ft. panels swung into place by 300-ton cranes, will be the tallest tilt-wall building in Texas. [Real Estate Bisnow; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Stream Realty Partners

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  • I must be new, but how does one “swing” a “tilt” wall. Tilt walls get their name from pouring them on the ground and then tilting them up into place, in situ. Maybe I’m not new, but old…

  • This being a 6 story tiltwall building, it will probably be built using 2, 3 story walls stacked on top of each other.

  • Any info on the lot just across the driveway from Sierra Pines II? I saw a sign for apartments…any idea when they’re supposed to open?