Building Up Downtown Dining Options; Zika Fight Funding


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Always love a good HOA fight, burn that money.

  • Interesting numbers on the office vacancy rate. At first, I thought the numbers must be way too low. But then I realized that they are counting “vacancy” as only the space that is not leased, and do not count leased-but-unused spaces. I would be that there are millions of square feet of offices around the city that are leased, but less than 50% occupied. I work in a primarily-oil company tower downtown. My floor is at 20% occupancy, down from 75% 2 years ago, but remains leased – so it probably does not count as vacant space. The current lease holder has been desperately trying to sub-let for over a year now, but is facing too much competition and too little demand. I would assume this is a common story these days.