Building Up Kingwood; Filling Up The Boardwalk at Towne Lake; The Texas Pizza Chain Boom


Photo of Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts at Heights Blvd. and 6th St.: Brie Kelman via Swamplot inbox


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  • I moved to the East Coast late last year, and sometimes I really miss my Houston (Native).

    But that uninspired picture of ‘Chicken and Donuts’ is a sure fire way to rid me of any homesickness.

  • Regarding the Willow Meadows never ending construction-I’ve seen apartment complexes go up faster! Sad!!

  • HCAD appraises market value of 2115 River Oaks at 7.3 million.

  • Adolph, that’s a standard feature of HCAD. The more your home/property is worth the greater the deviation from market value and it applies to nearly everything on the books. Just imagine what kind of mortgage interest deduction you get on a place like this.

  • @Adolph, but thats the reality pricing, not the over inflated “current market” value…

  • @joel, are you saying HCAD doesn’t appraise equitably based on market value? What’s mortgage int deduct have to do with it?

    @Texmex01, a 150% “current market” inflation?