Bungalow on the Loose: Duplex Splits West Drew in the Middle of the Night

Part of its roof already lopped off and broken free from its brick-fireplace anchor, about half of the 1910 duplex at the corner of W. Drew and Crockett in East Montrose made a break for it last night. A Swamplot reader on the escape route sends in these photos of the scene:


Here’s a view of the full house at 716 W. Drew St., dating from its sale in January:

Photos: Swamplot inbox, HAR

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  • wow. any idea what it costs to move a house like this?

  • Nice to see they are moving a lovely home. Does anyone know the new location?

    As someone who just sold a Montrose, brick, two-story duplex to someone who is NOT tearing it down, I’m happy to see this.

    If it wasn’t for the fact I moved out of town, I’d still be in Montrose.

  • I saw this heading north on dunlavy by fairview last night. Where is it going?

  • Was on the patio at Crocker Bar at the time. Heard they were moving it to Telephone and McKinney.

  • We’ll be moving a small house in the Heights off a lot that we are clearing for construction… Basically the removal company pays you $10 for the structure, and after they move it they scrape the lot to a demo standard. So you save the demo costs, maybe $5k, and you recycle the house. The house we bought was the childhood home of the man we bought it from – it had been in the family for decades – so it felt like the decent thing to do; the savings will be used to upgrade my future oven, and not much more, given the cost of building a new house.

    The movers sell the house for $20k – $30k, maybe more if its in good shape. So as long as their own costs for the demo and the move are less than the sale price, they make out okay. The houses tend to be used as rentals, starter homes, hunting camps, etc.

    It takes a good deal longer to clear a lot this way compared to a straight demo, and you run the risk that the structure will never sell. But if you have a bit of patience it’s a good deal.

  • A neighbor briefly considered moving his house from one side of his lot to the other. He said he was quoted $50K. Who knows…

  • This house was indeed moved to Eastwood, saw it today. It is across from Lantrip Elementary on McKinney.

  • I live one block away, and watched them move the house. It has been broken into rental units, and was rented to many people over the years. So it’s probably not a “lovely” vintage home.

    However, there are a couple of people in our neighborhood of East Montrose who are all a-gog over this house. Perhaps the’ve been inside and seen some appealing features…..

    Either way, we’re tickled that the house has been saved. And, speaking for myself, NOT so tickled about the monster-sized, boxy, tacky ill-suited contraption that is coming to that lot.

  • From the photos it is impossible to see why anyone would be a-gog over this place, much less why anyone would spend good dollars to move it somewhere. Maybe it’s the craftsman-like doohickies in the gable.

  • OMG! There goes my house…To where ever I don’t care!!!!

  • What company does this kind of work?

  • I talked to the movers the night this happened an cost the lady that bought the house 40 grand for the house an moving. So that’s not bad at all. A lot better than tearing it down replacing it with some crap ugly suburban looking condo, which although is getting built at this place. But at least they are preserving the house.

  • Ross, what kind was sorcery was that???

  • Must be a hipster thing.

  • I’m moving a 1000 sq ft bungalow about 5 miles. I have to have the roof removed, but the moving company will set it down on new piers. $12k