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  • Money, no taste.

  • Somehow the street name, Greyton Lane, completes the picture of WASP sybarite fantasy illustrated by this house.

  • That phrase, although not in itself incorrect, is usually uttered by people with NO money at all, who’s taste is what was on sale that month at Home Depot or IKEA.

  • What is picture 24/30? The stair-top guard station?
    The only room in the house that looks reasonably sensible is the library…almost free of all the interior designer-supplied silliness displayed elsewhere.

  • An update on my earlier comment: commonsense’s WASP sybarite fantasy.

  • Oh look another aspiring no taste, Trump wannabe. My crammed up, early 1900’s tiny, windowless closet would make for a more riveting piece.

  • That’s very, ummm, brown…

  • Nothing about this house makes me wish that I could afford it. Generally speaking, however, I wish that I could afford it.

  • Eyes on the prize, people. 20+ pairs of running shoes? Yeah, I get it that if you have money, you have lots of dress shoes to match your different outfits. But having 20+ pairs of running shoes is like having 12 different kinds of leaf blowers or 30 different pairs of ski gloves. Even their rich friends must come over, see all the running shoes and say “wow, why in the world did you buy all those different running shoes?”

  • It’s interesting that once you see ONE interior pic you just know what every other room is going to look like. It’s also very apparent that the designer (or owner?) had a “more is more” mentality… “more drapes! They need to be heavier! We need more gilding along the guest bathroom sink! No, more! Not one aquarium, two! Lots of fish!” One farmhouse sink is awesome, so two must be better, right?

  • I do like the pool, though.

  • Ed: Huh? Trump wannabe? Can you explain that comment?

  • @ Cody: my take on Ed’s comment—self-aggrandizing, glitzy, and gaudy display are, according to some (perhaps Ed), hallmarks of Trump’s personal style.