Cafe Express on Kirby Is Closing at the End of May

CAFE EXPRESS ON KIRBY IS CLOSING AT THE END OF MAY Cafe Express Closing Flyer, Kirby Dr., HoustonWhat’s this little flyer employees at the Café Express at 3200 Kirby Dr. have begun stuffing into to-go bags? Just a little announcement that the location, which has been open since 1987, will be shutting down before the month is out. And sending customers to one of the 13 other spots in the chain, with a coupon. Thanks, but might cost a bit more to eat at some of the restaurants in the site’s replacement when it opens. Thor Equities has been showing whizzy images of the Kirby Collection, a mixed-use grouping of 3 structures planned for the entire block of Kirby between Colquitt and West Main St., on its website. The site is being redeveloped, the flyer says. [Previously on Swamplot] Image: Loves Swamplot

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  • Fine by me, last time I ate their my grilled chicken tasted fishy and was sick to my stomach the rest of the day. Good riddance.

  • I am fondly nostalgic about that location from my time as a college student in the late 80s/early 90s when I spent many a night having a late dinner over homework while dodging the waft of cloves drifting over from the smoking section.

  • I’ve known several people who’ve had their car broken into there, including a woman whose laptop and thesis. Of course the staff saw nothing.

  • @Joshua, why would it be the responsibility of the staff to keep an eye out for parking lot happenings?

    Cafe Express seems to have dropped in quality some lately. We usually go to the one on West Gray, and it’s been pretty spotty the past few visits.

  • There’s a similar sign up today at the Museumof Fine Arts Cafe Express noting that it will close August 2, 2015 (next week). Staff says it was the museum’s decision. Can’t fine anything about it anywhere on the web.